“We have advertised with Wings Media Group since 1993 and it continues to be an integral part of our marketing almost 20 years later. The return we get on our investment continues to be the best of any type of advertising that we regularly do. I cannot recommend a product or company more than I do Wings Media”

- Mike Maulucci, Owner- Batiston’s of Farmington Valley

“The return on investment for their products even after 15 years continues to be one of the strongest of any advertising vehicle I use and I would greatly recommend your company to any small or large business looking to increase their sales”

- Craig Darling, Owner Vacuum Village

“One of the problems I have encountered over the years with my business advertising is finding that my ad is competing with several other similar businesses literally within pages of each other. With the CT Best Business Guide I have the assurance of knowing that my ad is the only one that will be promoting landscape design within the publication. Plus, we have found that because this is not a “discount” publication, the readership tends to be more those interested in the quality of the services provided rather than just the price.”

- TJ Braidich, Owner City Services Landscape & Design

“A full page ad with an informative article, a guarantee of being the only advertiser in my business category, and saturation mailings at an affordable price… it’s a no brainer!!”

- Clint Anderson, President Timbergyms, LLC

“Being in a highly competitive industry, we have found the CT Best Business Guide to be a great way to bring in new business as we are not competing with several other similar companies in the same publication. Plus, the article format of each page allows us to educate consumers about the benefits of our services which we feel gives the publication, and our ad, more credibility. Beside all of that…it’s affordable!”

- Kevin Beary, Vice President Safeside Chimney & Duct Cleaning Service

“Over the years, we have become more targeted in our advertising. One of the key markets we need to reach is people moving into their new homes. Without a doubt, Welcome to Your New Home has provided the perfect vehicle for doing this on a regular basis and the results have been consistently good. We love the fact the every month, we don’t have to worry about whether we are reaching this key demographic … it’s done!

- Chris Link, President, Link Mechanical Services

“We offer a great deal on an oil change to entice new people to the area to use our service. Once we get them through the door and comfortable with our services, an oil change is just the beginning. A regular customer in our industry is potentially worth thousands of dollars a year! Welcome To Your New Home is an essential part of our marketing and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

- Brian O'Donnell, Owner, Midas of Canton

“Welcome To Your New Home provides a simple way for us to make sure everyone purchasing a home in our market area gets one of our menus. It requires no work on our part and even one new customer a month makes it all worthwhile. Once they order from us, chances are that they will be come a regular client and that means on average, several orders a month.”

- Andy Del Santo, Owner, Andy's Italian Kitchen

“Just a short note to say ‘thanks’ for publishing the Bridal Directory. I have been advertising with your publication now for over 6 years and have come to realize the powerful draw it offers for future brides. The publication is relatively informal yet informative and allows the readers to find true professionals in the wedding industry at a glance. We are now the number 1 wedding studio in the State of CT thanks in no small part to your publication. Thanks for the publication and feel free to count on our continued support.

- Glen Crocker, Owner Photo Pros Studios

“Each and every time we advertise in The Bridal Di r ectory, we have booked a number of weddings and parties. It is unquestionably our best source of advertising for our bridal catering services. As long as you continue, you have a life-long client!”

- Dave Leon, Owner Super Cellar & Bloomfield Discount Liquors

FSI Direct

FSI Direct

FSI Direct provides proven benefits of direct mail and home distribution for a fraction of the cost of mailing yourself. You can provide your own materials or we can offer a wide variety of complete turnkey services and have your ad mailed to nearly any town in CT...

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