Since 1993 Wings Media Group, Inc. has been providing hundreds of customers in CT with an array of direct mail marketing services that has helped their businesses grow.

Founder and President Glen Hauser still runs day to day operations and has grown the company on the concept of making sure every customer is treated with the same utmost respect and given the same quality service whether utilizing our products for the first time, or as is the case with many of our clients, years of working together.

New Movers Program

Welcome to Your New Home is a package of oversized individual postcards mailed to people who have recently purchased a new home. Reaching this niche can help your business grow for several reasons: Welcome to Your New Home is a package of...

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FSI Direct

FSI Direct provides proven benefits of direct mail and home distribution for a fraction of the cost of mailing yourself. You can provide your own materials or we can offer a wide variety of complete turnkey services and have your ad mailed to...

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